National Aspiring Headteacher Development Programme – Preparing for NPQH

This one-year development programme is an exciting professional learning opportunity for experienced school leaders across Wales who wish to become head teachers in the near future. Completion of this programme is an expectation for all future NPQH applicants.

This national programme is delivered by Regional Consortia and their partners, which include Local Authorities and Higher Education Institutions. It has been endorsed by the National Academy of Educational Leadership with opportunity for accreditation in partnership with UWTSD and Bangor universities.


This programme will be available to all experienced school leaders who believe that they demonstrate attainment against the Professional Standards for Teaching & Leadership and for whom headship is a realistic next step.


The programme promotes highly effective leadership through self-evaluation and reflection, exploring the relationships between leadership, successful schools and the wider community. It will ensure equity of access to practitioners across Wales and an increase in the number of high-quality applicants for headteacher posts in schools.

Participants will undertake enriching activities that build upon previous experience to develop;

  • their understanding of the role of an effective headteacher
  • their skills and attributes through self-review against the Professional Standards for Teaching & Leadership
  • their understanding and effective application of a range of leadership skills
  • their collaboration skills through an effective engagement in peer networks and
  • their knowledge and skills for developing their schools as learning organisations and ensuring the success of the national reform agenda

The programme will enable participants to reflect on their own professional practice and to ensure they are well prepared when applying to undertake formal assessment for the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers (NPQH).

Region Co-ordinator Contact


  • Emma Coates
  • Matthew Robbins





  • Adelaide Dunn
  • Deb Woodward





  • Tom Fanning
  • Hazel Faulkner



  • Rhys Williams
  • Ann Grenet

Delivery method

The programme takes place over a one-year period and requires a commitment of the equivalent of five days between January and December.

The programme may be delivered through a blended learning model.

All activities undertaken as part of this programme are delivered in Welsh, English or bilingually.

Each candidate is allocated a Leadership Coach and membership of a peer group for support throughout the programme.

Time Activity
Pre-Programme Self- Review against the Leadership Standards (ISSR)
Development Module 1 – Making a Difference



  • Programme Overview including role of LC and networking
  • Role of Headteacher
  • Where are we? – the Welsh educational context
  • Vision – what is your vision? Developing a shared vision.
  • Strategic Planning – SER and SIP
  • Leadership Experience Task


Development Module 2 – Leadership (i)


  • What is effective leadership?
  • What sort of leader am I?
  • Effective Teams
  • Human Resources


Development Module 3 – Leadership (ii)


  • Leadership Styles – Collaborative, Distributed, Transformational, Situational
  • Managing Change
  • Health and Safety


Development Module 4 – Leading Pedagogy


  • Role of Headteacher in Teaching and Learning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Use of Data
  • Measuring and Reporting Impact
  • Managing resources, including Finance


Development Module 5 – Effective development of the school workforce


  • Schools as Learning Organisations
  • Sustaining collaborative culture both within and beyond the school
  • Supporting growth in others
  • Developing and leading a culture of innovation
  • Accountability of self and others, including developing effective governance
  • Safeguarding

Application  (by 03/11/2020)

Applications are welcomed from proven senior school leaders from across Wales who believe that they demonstrate the Professional Standards for Teaching & Leadership and for whom headship is a realistic next step.

In order to apply for this programme applicants need to have completed and recorded a Leadership Standards Review. The endorsement of a Headteacher or line manager must be based on the evidence contained in the completed LSR. The LSR will be required for regional endorsement procedures.

Please note: Application for NPQH is the expected outcome for participants in this programme.

Applications for Aspiring Headteacher Development Programme should be completed and submitted by 1pm 03/11/2020

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