National Senior Leaders Development programme

Moving from middle leadership to senior leadership requires a shift to whole school thinking, the skills to manage complex teams and competing priorities whilst ensuring you keep learners at the centre of everything you do.

This one year development programme is a professional learning opportunity for senior leaders across Wales.  The participant will work individually and collectively with others as leaders of learning organisations. This is a national programme co-ordinated by regional consortia, utilising a range of delivery partners.


This programme is for leaders who have overall responsibility for an aspect of leadership across an establishment. This includes senior curriculum/pastoral leaders and members of a senior leadership team, such as assistant or deputy headteachers.


The programme promotes highly effective leadership through self-evaluation and reflection, exploring the relationships between leadership, successful schools and the wider community.

As part of the professional learning continuum participants will through this programme:

  • Further develop their understanding of the role of senior leader
  • Develop the knowledge and skills an effective senior leader should know and be able to adopt
  • Have opportunity to develop the leadership behaviours required for an effective senior leader.
  • Further develop their understanding of the national reform agenda
  • Develop their practice within the formal leadership standards

Delivery method

This programme is part of an ongoing and sequential development process that matches the professional learning pathway and will build upon the skills and knowledge of an individual’s prior professional learning.

There are core modules  that allow the participant to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to become an effective senior leader.

The delivery of the senior leader programme includes mentoring, peer support networks and an individual leadership standards self-review.

All activities undertaken as part of this programme will be delivered in Welsh, English or bilingually.

Access to the programme is through a national application process and will be delivered by the regional consortia and their partners.

This development programme will consist of:

Module 1   Values and Dispositions, Self Reflection

Module 2   Working With Others

Module 3   Coaching and Mentoring

Module 4   Pedagogy.

Module 5   Collaboration

  • Each participant will undertake a leadership experience task utilising the most recent research findings in developing their leadership skills
  • Participants will also be assigned a Leadership Coach who will support the participants and facilitate the peer support network
  • Participants will engage with peer network sessions that will lead to sharing of ideas, peer support and collective problem solving, providing the opportunity to learn from others across the system

The programme seeks to maximise e-learning opportunities and technology through all learning, research and instructional content being made available digitally. This will be the primary method of collecting and exchanging knowledge and learning.


Applications close 1pm on Thursday 30th September 2021.

In order to apply to take part in the programme the individual should

  1. Undertake a Leadership Standards Self-Review (LSSR)
  2. Discuss their suitability with their headteacher or line manager as appropriate
  3. Complete application form by the notified closing date using the application link.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the above please contact your regional co-ordinator as detailed below.

Region Co-ordinator Contact
CSC Emma Coates

Alison Tovey

EAS Adelaide Dunn

Deb Woodward

ERW Tom Fanning

Sarah Perdue

GwE Rhys Williams

Ceri Kenrick

Further Information and application details.

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