Lead Creative Schools Scheme: online

May 04th 2020

The Arts Council of Wales, in partnership with the Welsh Government are thrilled to announce a bespoke online Lead Creative Schools offer open to new schools.

The ground breaking scheme which to date has worked with over 600 schools across Wales has been reimagined as an online offer. It will continue to provide opportunities for teachers and learners to explore creativity across all areas of learning, drawing on the skills and knowledge of existing Creative Professionals.

The Lead Creative Schools Scheme provides the opportunity to explore creative approaches to teaching and learning with the support of creative professionals.

Each project is unique and designed to help address specific and challenges schools and learners may be facing and that have usually been identified in the  school’s development plan. In addition, it aims to nurture the creativity of learners and raise attainment aligned to the Welsh Government priorities of Literacy, Numeracy and reducing the impact of deprivation. The scheme has also supported schools in preparing for the new curriculum.


Our online Lead Creative Schools offer – what you can expect

 A bespoke project tailored to the specific needs and interests of your learners at this time

  • Working alongside creative professionals online to plan and deliver a short creative learning project in an area of learning identified by you
  • Taking part in an online professional learning session, focused on developing creative habits of mind and delivered by the Arts Council of Wales Creative learning team

We anticipate that the project will involve between 3 and 4 online sessions over a period of three weeks. The project will support pupils to develop and share their learning between sessions in imaginative and creative ways.


For further information and details of how to apply click here https://arts.wales/news-jobs-opportunities/lead-creative-schools-online-call-out-for-schools-take-part

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