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The Educational Achievement Service (EAS) is the school improvement service for the five local authorities in South East Wales: Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport, and Torfaen. 

The EAS is a not for profit company limited by guarantee which are the five local authorities. 

The EAS operates within a robust governance structure which is populated by representative Elected Members from each Local Authority. These members formulate the Company Board, Joint Executive Group and the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee.

The EAS was formed in September 2012 and has undergone many changes during this period. Through the commissioning of an annual Business Plan agreed formally by each Local Authority the EAS delivers key school improvement support to all schools and educational settings across the South East Wales region.

The EAS endeavours to work in partnership with local authorities, schools and settings and wider stakeholders, ensuring that service delivery remains of a consistently high standard and meets the needs of the system. The service welcomes external expertise and challenge to support continued improvement and will remain agile and responsive to regional and local need.

Our vision and values are the default on which all working, and action is based. They will be visible in the daily activity of all partnerships and relationships with the EAS. 

Our vision and values 

Our vision and values guide everything we do in our day to day practices and interactions with our key partners, the wider educational community, and our employees. 

What will the EAS do to achieve our vision?

All schools will be able to access a universal offer of professional learning support in each of the following areas: School Improvement, Leadership and Teaching, Curriculum for Wales, Health Wellbeing and Equity and School Governors which are intrinsically linked. As well as a holistic professional learning offer, this will include a set number of days to work with their School Improvement Partner (SIP) and a professional dialogue with the EAS and local authority to agree and or amend improvement priorities and support requirements as part of an annual professional discussion.

In addition to the universal offer, schools will be able to access specific and targeted support as determined through ongoing professional discussion with their SIP and in line with their school improvement priorities. This professional learning support may be related to a task and finish activity, an option for further work with their SIP or an option for peer working.

Bespoke support will also be available for schools who require more intensive support. This could include more support from the SIP or the use of a Learning Network School to School Partnership.

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