Approaches to School Improvement

Working with schools

Challenge Advisers support all school leaders and governors to enable them to undertake honest and accurate self-evaluation; supporting schools to plan effectively for improvement.

Challenge Advisers in partnership with school leaders agree and broker support to address the development needs of the organisation.

The work of the Challenge Adviser is underpinned by the principles of collaboration between schools and partners in a self-improving system.

Challenge Advisers support schools in strengthening the quality of teaching and learning and leadership, supporting them to become effective learning organisations.

Challenge Advisers have a range of standard functions to administer which includes:

  • the writing of the school’s National Categorisation Report
  • supporting the Governing Body with Headteacher Performance Management
  • agreeing grant planning for the Pupil Development Grant, Education Improvement Grant and the Professional Learning Grant.

Working with Local Authorities

The Consortium works in partnership with the Local Authorities to deliver the National School Improvement agenda, to develop a learning culture across its schools.

The Consortium supports the Local Authorities in carrying out their statutory duties.

The Consortium supports the Local Authorities in monitoring the pace of progress of those schools who are causing concern.

The Consortium assists the Local Authorities in managing the requirements of the educational reform agenda in Wales.


Working across the Region

We will work in partnership with schools and settings to embed the principles of effective self-evaluation, providing bespoke support in line with school priorities.

During the year, there will be a triangulation of activity at different levels of the school to develop schools as learning organisations, securing the capacity for sustainable improvement.

Challenge Advisers support schools to manage the requirements of the educational reform agenda in Wales.


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