Our Audit and Risk Assessment Committee (ARAC)

The functions of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee are to:

  • Review and scrutinise the EAS affairs,
  • Make reports and recommendations in relation to the EAS financial affairs,
  • Review and assess the risk management, internal control and corporate governance arrangements of the Education Achievement Service (EAS),
  • Make reports and recommendations to the authority on the adequacy and effectiveness of those arrangements,
  • Oversee the EAS internal and external audit arrangements and
  • Review the financial statements prepared by the EAS.


  • Blaenau Gwent

Councillor Martin Cook
Councillor Stewart Healy

  • Caerphilly

Councillor Liz Aldworth
Councillor Carol Andrews

  • Monmouthshire

Councillor Tudor Thomas
Councillor Laura Jones

  • Newport

Councillor Phil Hourahine

           Councillor Deb Davies

  • Torfaen

Councillor Glyn Caron
Councillor Rose Seabourne


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