Models of Blended Learning

July 24th 2020

Models of Blended Learning

By the beginning of September, Welsh Government will have provided guidance documentation for schools on the following:

  • Ongoing guidance in operational matters as schools learn more about how to operate in a COVID safe environment;
  • Specific models of operations to support decision making at school level;
  • Ongoing learning guidance to support headteachers and teachers to engage with the new curriculum in the new conditions of operation;
  • Curriculum guidance to support curriculum realisation;
  • Blended learning guidance and professional learning to support schools in maximising the positive lessons that have been learned over recent months;
  • Guidance to support the mobilisation of the Accelerating Learning Programme; and
  • Documents and activities to support the national conversation about pedagogy, teaching and learning.

This guidance builds on Developing integrated approaches to support blended learning for the phased opening of schools published on June 29, 2020. As schools will be open in September for all pupils, this guidance can be used to stimulate professional learning discussions on:

  • teaching and learning approaches;
  • planning learning experiences for learners;
  • planning for those learners who might not fully engage or decide that a return to school is not appropriate for them at this time;
  • effective communication between school and home;
  • effective feedback and feed forward;
  • possible planning and approaches for preparing to implement Curriculum for Wales;
  • how to manage blended learning if schools face a further lockdown.  

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