Regional Context

The EAS is a not for profit limited company that is owned by the five local authorities (LAs) in South East Wales.


  • The number of pupils of compulsory school age in 2020 was 73,090. This represents 19% of all pupils in Wales.
  • There are 233 maintained schools in the region, 16% of all maintained schools in Wales (EAS figure correct from September 2020, Wales figure from PLASC, 2020).
  • The percentage of pupils of compulsory school age who are eligible for free school meals (FSM) is 20.9%.
  • In the region, 10% of people aged three and over say that they can speak Welsh compared to the Wales average of 19% (2011 Census, ONS).
  • The percentage of pupils aged 5 or over from an ethnic minority background is 11.3%, an increase from 10.3% in 2018.

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